El Amigo Dandie

Dandie dinmont terrier

Writes about our dandie / Пишут о наших денди

English magazine / Ежегодный Английский журнал


Крупнейшая в России международная выставка "Евразия-2010"

International dog show Eurasia - 1/2010
судья / judge Goran Bodegard (Sweden)
Ch. German Dandies Orlando 9 mounth / 9 месяцев

BIS-J-1, Best junior show
Лучший юниор выставки

Бест юниоров / Best junior Look Video

Magazine "Friend of dogs" / Журнал "ДРУГ собак" 3/12

Вышел мартовский номер журнала "ДРУГ собак" 3/2012 посвященный в т.ч. нашей любимой породе
Представлены интервью с известными мировыми заводчиками Англии и Америки, такими как, Линда Бромлей и Бетти-Энни Стенмарк, а также с нами и о наших денди.

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Magazine "Terrier today" / Журнал "Терьер сегодня 2012"

Питомник Эль Амиго Денди / Kennel El Amigo Dandie

German Terrier Journal about success dandies in the World Cup (WDS) in Budapest, of September 2013 / 
Немецкий журнал о собаках об успехе денди на чемпионате Мира (WDS) в Будапеште, сентябрь 2013
Here is what Ronnie Irving said about the Dandies he judged qt WDS,this was printed in his column in Our Dogs. / Вот то, что Ронни Ирвинг сказал о Денди, он судил WDS 2013, и это было напечатано в его колонке о Денди.
"I had the pleasure of judging one of our breeds,Dandie Dinmont Terriers,last week at the FCI World Dog Show in Budapest. The reason I mention it at all is just because I was so pleased to see so many Dandies looking so good in one place. There were 38 entered in total and most striking were the two junior classes with 9 in junior dog and 8 in junior bitch. That contrasts favourably with the entries we are getting for the breed here in the UK at the moment,and also with the entries recently forthcoming in the USA. The breed has been struggling for quite a few years with registrations hovering at only the 100 to 120 level here in the UK, and Dandie Dinmont entries seem to be dropping like a stone both here and in the USA,and another worry has been the gene pool here in the UK was getting smaller and smaller. A number of Dandie breeders in the UK and also in the USA,Canada,Australia as well as in Europe have grasped the nettle and have started to co-operate in a big way in an attempt to improve things. As a result of this co-operation there has followed a good deal of movement of Dandies from one country to another. In fact at the recent show in Hungary Best of Breed went to a dog which is based in Russia,was bred in Germany and is by an American dog based in the UK. The bitch CAC and junior winners were just as cosmopolitan. I found the whole entry very encouraging - showy dogs,a good many younger handlers,dogs which were in the main sound and not all of them overdone in presentation!"